Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Book Review from Robin!

An Abundance of Katherines
John Green
ISBN 978-0-14-241070-7

Critic written by Robin E. ’14

5 Stars (An Abundance of Stars)

And here’s why:
An Abundance of Katherines is the perfect summer read. Funny, easy, original this book is well worth reading. The book is the perfect balance of an easy read and a deep novel. It is not so dumbed down that you feel like your IQ is sinking with each page, yet not so intellectual that you wonder if school ever really ended.

Green’s witty side facts along with the ACCURATE math problems (and there are a lot of those) make for a quirky and fun book. At the end of the book, a mathematician explains how all the equations work.

The plot itself is brilliant and new as you follow Collin, a child prodigy, with a dating problem: his last 19 girlfriends have all been name Katherine. This 19th girl could be just what it takes to break this strange trend. After the breakup, Collin and his best friend head out for a summer long road trip filled with self discovery.

Anyways, this is exactly what a leisure read should be.   

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